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Mickey Mouse Cookies

Mickey Mouse Cookies

In the months leading up to Lily's 2nd birthday, I spent too many hours scouring the internet for fun Mickey Mouse themed treats to make for her party.  This girl is a Mickey fanatic.  From the moment her eyes open in the morning to when Jake and I tuck her in at night, Lily talks about Mickey.  She tells us how much she loves him even when she occasionally refuses to say the same for her parents.  I sometimes feel the need to remind her about who ushered her into this Mickey-loving life, but I figure getting into a battle for my child's love with a fictional character would be borderline desperate. I found these cookies through Pinterest (awesome!) where they were posted from Ms. Fox's Sweets.  I have no idea how she made hers so cute and dainty without having the ears fall off.  Clearly, I am not as talented, but my Mickey Mouse cookies were still enjoyed by everyone. (I actually don't like Oreos, but when you dip them in chocolate, they somehow become tasty.  I don't understand, either.)  And it was fun for family members to help out with putting them together as I rushed around trying to get the party together.

With Lily's love of both Mickey and cookies, I have a feeling I'll have more practice making these!


Mickey Mouse Cookies



Red candy melts (I tried using white chocolate and dying it with red gel, and it was a complete disaster.  Just buy the red melts.)

Semi-sweet chocolate chips

White round sprinkles or melted white chocolate for buttons

Heat the red candy melts according to package directions (microwave or double boiler). Dip half of large cookie into the red candy, place on waxed paper, and immediately place 2 sprinkles for buttons. If you are dabbing on white chocolate then wait until it is dry before putting the buttons on.  While the large cookie is laying on the waxed paper, glue on the mini cookies with chocolate to make the ears. Let the candy coating set up or place in the refrigerator for at least half an hour.

Source: Ms. Fox's Sweets

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